Tuesday November 7 @ Sophia-Antipolis: Aerospike evening

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The Riviera JUG is organizing a free meetup on the theme of Aerospike on Tuesday November 7, 2023 from 6:30 pm in the Mistral amphitheater @ Amadeus, Sophia Antipolis.
You can enter the Amadeus site with your vehicle and park next to the amphitheater where the evening will take place!

Don't miss the event and spread the news!  emoticon_smile

Essentials of a modern distributed database

This presentation describes a variety of techniques from over a decade of developing Aerospike, a real-time DBMS that is being used in some of the world’s largest mission-critical systems that require the highest levels of performance and availability. Such mission-critical systems have many requirements including the ability to make decisions within a strict real-time SLA (milliseconds) with no downtime, predictable performance so that the first and billionth customer gets the same experience, ability to scale up 10X (or even 100X) with no downtime, support strong consistency for applications that need it, synchronous and asynchronous replication with global transactional capabilities, and the ability to deploy in any public and private cloud environments.

This will be a technical talk and we will cover:

  • Optimizations for modern system architectures
  • Strongly consistent transactions
  • Massive parallelism with indexing
  • Geo-distribution for Active-Active systems

Scaling Aerospike: Lessons for Data-Intensive Application Developers

Efficiency and Scalability are the holy grail of software development. As one of the world’s most performant and scalable databases, the Aerospike codebase is a gold mine of valuable lessons for curious software developers. This talk reveals some of these interesting design decisions and patterns.

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